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Your local naturopathic doctor develops treatment plans specific to your unique ability to self-heal. As part of this plan, any obstacles to your body’s natural capacity to heal itself are identified and eliminated. Common obstacles to optimal health are sedentary lifestyles, unhealthy diets, and chronic high stress levels. Your local naturopathic doctor offers numerous services that directly address these obstacles to experiencing optimum health as well as services that jump-start your inherent ability to self-heal and treatments for unwanted health conditions.

Your local naturopathic doctor combines different healing modalities to get you to your best self. You will be asked about your medical health history, lifestyle habits, and your goals for a healthier, happier you. To support you in reaching these goals and to provide you with the medical care you need, your naturopathic doctor may recommend some of the services listed below. To learn more about a natural and personalized healthcare plan, call your local naturopathic doctor today!


Your local naturopathic medicine doctor offers the HCG Medical Weight Loss Diet as part of the full range of natural and holistic services offered. HCG is a hormone produced naturally by the body. Whereas many fad diets get you stuck in a pattern of losing weight and then quickly gaining it back—the HCG diet helps you lose weight and keep it off. When prescribed by a qualified physician, the HCG hormone can assist in healthy, fast-acting weight loss that stays off. Because this diet is overseen by a naturopathic weight loss professional, you get the added benefit of a diet that is customized to the needs of your body and lifestyle. Your local weight loss practitioner makes sure you get the diet and exercise you need to keep you at your ideal weight and feeling and looking your best.


Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) is a crucial aspect of any naturopathic medicine treatment plan. As your body ages, the stresses of daily life catch up with you and your body stops being able to produce hormones as well as it used to. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, unlike synthetic hormone therapy, uses hormones that exactly match the chemical composition of the hormones produced by your body. When your endocrine system does not function as it should, we do not get the correct hormones in the correct doses when we need them. This causes a whole host of problems that affect your whole health system inclusive of your physical, emotional and mental states. Your local naturopathic medicine and BHRT practitioner specializes in using these natural hormones to balance your body without any unwanted side effects. By bringing your body back into hormonal balance you will have more energy, mental clarity, and feelings of good health.


Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy rejuvenates and regenerates the skin and tissues of your body for a healthier, pain-free you. PRP therapy works by taking your blood, isolating and then concentrating the healing properties of your blood, and then injecting it back into the parts of your body that need healing. The stem cells and concentration of platelets that are injected back into your body encourage new, heathy cells to grow and multiply. This expedites and encourages healing and new tissue growth at the site of the injection. Your local naturopathic and PRP practitioner uses Platelet Rich Plasma injections to heal sexual dysfunction, sports injuries, hair loss, and to eliminate wrinkles and other signs of aging. This type of soft tissue rejuvenation is especially successful when used as a natural alternative to aesthetic surgeries. Contact your local PRP practitioner to learn more about how to incorporate Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy into your naturopathic medicine treatment plan.


As we age, we stop being able to absorb the minerals and nutrients we need to stay healthy. Because your food must be digested before nutrients can be absorbed, many important amino acids, vitamins, and minerals are not able to get used by your body. When your body is not getting the nutrition it needs, it doesn’t function, look or feel as good as it should. Your local naturopathic medicine practitioner works with you to identify exactly what nutrients you are missing, and in what amounts, so that you are able to get a customized IV Therapy treatment plan started. Intravenous (IV) Nutrient Therapy circumvents your digestive system by depositing the nutrients your body needs directly into your blood, allowing your body to immediately absorb the nutrition it is missing. Intravenous Nutrient Therapy supports your body’s natural healing capabilities, treats the common cold, helps muscles repair faster after workouts, and hydrates and energizes.

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Address all levels of your health naturally and with expert medical support! Contact your local naturopathic doctor today at phone # to start feeling better physically, mentally and emotionally with your personalized naturopathic treatment plan!