Client Testimonials

“Mike and I have been executives/general counsels for a long time, and I have the greatest respect for his abilities. He has long mastered the general counsel role, and at Atmel added a host of other executive and operational responsibilities which he very ably discharged. Mike brings a strong and rare combination of legal, business, operational and practical abilities to the companies he represents. I highly recommend him on both a professional and personal basis.”

– Rex Jackson, CFO

“I worked with Mike on his company’s project to acquire, develop and build a 300,000 square foot headquarters building. Mike was well-versed in the big picture deal items but also in the small details of the design. He was able to hold the project together and bring it in early and under budget, which is no small feat in Silicon Valley.”

– Gordon Armstrong

“Worked with Mike on $140M division divestiture from Atmel. His deep knowledge of the business and firm grasp of the legal elements of the transaction gave us a significantly stronger negotiating position. Mike’s tenacity and acumen helped us convert that position into a premium price and excellent terms. In a competitive auction process, Mike’s innate integrity set the tone for a process that was fair to all prospective buyers. This was understood and appreciated by everyone involved.”

– Robin Graham