Bay Area Corporate Governance Attorney

Public companies must understand corporate governance best practices in order to effectively manage compliance and reduce business risks. Attorney Mike Ross has extensive experience representing companies on corporate governance issues, and can provide comprehensive legal representation your company can trust.

Mr. Ross has both legal and business backgrounds. For three decades he has provided legal advice and assistance, and he can put that legal experience to work for your company.

Mr. Ross’ corporate governance counsel is tailored toward the unique needs of your business, keeping the big picture in mind. He provides individualized one-on-one representation to clients across all industries and sectors, offering affordable legal solutions that allow you to protect your company’s interests.

How a Bay Area Corporate Governance Attorney Can Help

Corporate management, boards of directors, and corporate committees all have certain obligations to develop and/or comply with best practices for corporate governance.

Company officials have a fiduciary duty to shareholders to represent the interests of the business at all times. Fulfilling this obligation while preserving the liability protections of the corporate form means that officials must ensure that all corporate formalities are followed.

Corporate governance is about much more than the day-to-day obligation to keep the best interests of the business in the forefront.  Best practices for governance include:

  • Compliance with reporting obligations and disclosures
  • Compliance with all securities laws including rulemaking and interpretations from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
  • Compliance with the Sabannes-Oxley
  • Compliance with the listing requirements of securities exchanges
  • Appropriate responses to shareholder proposals and proxy contests
  • Developing workable charters for corporate boards of directors and independent committees
  • Compliance with fiduciary duties and avoidance of conflicts of interests
  • Due diligence for mergers & acquisitions
  • Due diligence or underwritten offerings
  • Compliance with the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

As a transactional attorney, Mr. Ross’ goal is to help ensure that your company develops practical policies that are always in compliance with evolving governmental standards and obligations.  He can provide advice on specific issues related to corporate governance, and can provide your business with a comprehensive plan for complying with the best practices, and reducing the potential for future problems. While every business faces some risk, effective corporate governance can minimize potential legal issues including shareholder lawsuits and actions by government agencies, including the SEC.

Mr. Ross has represented public and private companies across a variety of industry sectors on corporate governance issues. His clients include startup companies that are self-funded, or venture or angel backed, while others are some of the biggest companies in the Bay Area.  No matter the size of your business, he can provide the legal advice you need to develop and comply with effective corporate governance policies.


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