Content Reminders

  • If the practitioner is not an M.D., D.O. or N.D., replace “doctor” with “specialist” within the content.
  • On the benefits page, choose an expanding list if not using an expanding list for the doctor’s protocols list. – In essence, don’t use all plain text and alternatively do not use all Vision plug-in lists…make it balanced.
  • For the IV Therapy Explained page use a Vitamin, Mineral, Nutrient list
  • Use doctor and clinic reviews on the Reviews & Testimonials page. List most relevant reviews first.  If the review talks about other services or has irrelevant info, you can remove and insert “…” – So “Best doctor ever! I feel so much better using his BHRT program.” could be “Best doctor ever! I feel so much better…”



  • Can Use just City in page titles and within content if it is a well-known, recognizable city, such as Seattle, Denver, Atlanta, etc.  Use City and State for cities that are not known or also exists in other states, such as Henderson Nevada and Springfield Illinois.
  • Make sure meta descriptions fit within the allotted characters for Google results (can run long on Benefits, Treatments, and Testimonials pages).